Welcome to STITCH.

We started with the basic thought in mind, "A business is an idea that helps people's lives," and ran with it. We wanted to focus on what ways we could make that happen on a national level - which is where our focus on US based charities, came into mind. We knew we wanted to incorporate this philanthropic aspect, but weren’t quite sure how. 


 Then, we wanted to offer a product that people can really get behind. Who doesn't like truly awe-inspiring and expressive art? In what way can our customer base love, enjoy, and share with others? This is where the apparel aspect came to mind. We had, in talks with several people, ran across the process of sublimation "all-over" printing. This print platform provides an extremely high quality print on materials that we will be providing - to start, will be T-Shirts, Phone Cases and Tote Bags - 100% Certified Made In America and our shirts are handmade in Miami, Florida.

We wanted to add a little more to the process when it came to the charity aspect. We decided that, when working with an artist, we would ask them where their concern was and what cause they felt needs to be prioritized. So, each print, each artist, will be given it's own charity and cause to fight - with no less than 10% of revenue going right out to the causes we are inspired to help.


All of our upcoming art work and apparel will be held as "classified" until their release date - with a very limited number of each design being printed. These truly are, once in a lifetime, outward expressions of inspiration, endurance, and creativity


With our co-founder, Fred Yuldashev, fluent in Uzbek, Russian, and English - we are proud to say that our artists will be from around the globe. Bringing worldly inspiration to a local cause.