Back to School Sale ends September 7th

World famous art, life changing causes, every day apparel.

A portion of every sale is donated to help an American child in need. From education to homelessness and hunger.

What we offer:

Handmade Designer Shirts

Handmade in Miami, Florida using the highest quality material and most precise design process known to man. 


Tote Bags

Made in Colorado. Quality is no exception with these. Lined with soft lining to protect your valuables.


Phone Cases

Made in Georgia. All cases are made to last and protect. If you're going to drop your phone, at least it can look good on the floor.



A fashion label to watch out for in the future, really love what STITCH is doing and I with them all the best.

Louis Clack

Very nice quality - the images are actually part of the fabric you can tell it will never fade or crack and the designs are always some sweet pieces of art.

Trenton Hunsberger

Love their designs! Looking forward to more from the current artists, and more collections!

Tracy Lamb